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Title Skin story
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We have categorized the recommended items that help your purchase in the skin type category. Each product has a sticker for skin type as well as ingredients. It give you more convenient to check good ingredients and careful ingredients.


The sticker is for oily, it is not only for oily. This is just a comparison of good and careful ingredients(The amount of ingredients in the product is not considered). Please use it for reference. If you know the ingredient well and judge it, it is better to check and buy it yourself.

Apply a small amount of cosmetics to the inside of the arm,wrist or back of the ear. If you have symptoms such as redness, swelling, and urticaria after 2 to 3 hours after applying to your skin, You can confirm that certain ingredients do not fit the skin.

Cosmetic test

Apply a small amount of cosmetics to the inside of the arm,wrist or back of the ear.
If you have symptoms such as redness, swelling, and urticaria after 2 to 3 hours after applying to your skin, You can confirm that certain ingredients do not fit the skin.

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For Dry

To prevent dry skin, the first goal is to reduce the damage. The sun makes the skin dry and at the same time, it causes severe damage to the skin. In addition, aging skin is directly responsible for dryness, so dry skin should be used sunscreen and anti-aging cosmetics as well as moisturizing toner and lotion. There is also a lot of water lost through the lips. Always moisturizes your lips. Avoid irritating ingredients in the dry area and remove the keratin that causes aging. It is a basic treatment for dry skin.


Before you plan for dry skin in any part of your body, a basic understanding of what is dry skin is essential. Ironically, dry skin is not simply a lack of water. There is no statistically significant difference in the moisture content between the mild dry skin and the mild oily skin. Providing more moisture to your skin is not necessarily good. Too much moisture, such as crumpled skin in the bathtub for a long period of time, will adversely affect the skin, disrupting the matrix within the skin cells by destroying components that help maintain normal skin function and maintain proper shape. (Source: Journal of Investigative Dermatology, February 2003, pages 275-284). The drying of the skin is believed to be due to depletion or damage to the intracellular matrix (constituents of skin cells that are not damaged and that maintain smooth and healthy skin), leading to a lack of water.

1. To prevent dry skin, the first goal is to reduce the damage, and to maintain and improve tissue within the cell.
To reduce matrix damage to the skin, do not use skin care products that contain soap, hard cleansers or irritating ingredients. Products with these problems can disrupt the outer layers of the skin, resulting in rashes or rough skin. Exposure to a constantly dry environment, cold weather, dry weather, low humidity due to wind from a heater or air conditioner can cause all problems. This is because they destroy the matrix of the skin. By installing a humidifier at home, you can cope with this problem.

2. Sun damage makes the skin dry all year round.
Exposure to the sun without protection of the skin can cause damage to the outer layer of the skin, resulting in constantly threatening and damaging new skin surfaces. Sun damage also interferes with and destroys the intercellular matrix of the skin. At any time of the year, sunlight can damage the skin. Keep in mind that these rays can come through the office or through car windows. Every day, preventing sun damage is essential for skin health.

3. Cell rotation is another important consideration for improving dry skin and making it shiny.
A well-formulated, pH-appropriate exfoliant such as AHA or BHA can solve this problem well.

4. Genetically, aging skin is another source of drying.
This is because the body's estrogen levels fall and the skin gets thinner and fat builds up underneath the skin (part of the skin's protective wall), Unfortunately, there are not many ways to deal with this problem except by using a variety of hormone replacement therapies (HRT) or using plant based hormone replacement therapies by ingesting legumes or beverages. Anyway, drinking eight glasses of water a day is very good for the body, but it does not work to reduce or improve skin dryness. If the only way to prevent dry skin is to drink more water, no one will have dry skin and the sale of moisturizers will be discontinued. Dry skin care is more complex than simply drinking water. To resolve this issue, you can use the following methods

- Apply sunscreen
Daytime light, even blurry and unclear daytime rays cause skin damage, which gradually slows down moisture and removes smooth skin.

- Use a moisturizer made with the latest technology
Moisturizers should be rich in antioxidants, water-binding agents and anti-inflammatory ingredients. If you have chronic dry skin or extreme dry skin, use a moisturizer that contains a variety of lipid forms such as lecithin, cholesterol, glycerol, glycerides, and vegetable oils. Eliminate the environmental causes of dry skin.

- Do not use soap and only use gentle / semi-dry cleanser
This can not be overstated. Never use a cleanser that leaves a dry feeling on the skin. The same applies to the body part under the face. Avoid excessive scrub on the skin. It make skin dry.

- Use a humidifier
: Whether in winter or in desert conditions, low humidity can cause dry skin. Humidifiers are relatively inexpensive, last a long time, and are available to all families. If your house is large or multi-tiered, you will need two to three humidifiers to see the effect.

- Exfoliation
Skin cell rotation (exfoliation) is a function of healthy skin. However, due to sun damage, skin usually needs help in this process. A well-prepared AHA or BHA removes old skin cells and restores fresh and healthy cells to make them younger.

- Use a moisturizer on dry areas and use pure vegetable oils such as olive oil
At night, apply a moisturizer and massage with a few drops of vegetable oil on a firm, dry area. Pure olive oil is a good choice because it is rich in antioxidants.

- Do not forget your lips
The lips are hard to keep smooth and soft when the air is dry. Lips lack lipids and are weaker than other skin. As a result, it is more vulnerable to dry air. It is recommended to reduce the moisture lost through the lips.

- Never use products containing dry or irritating ingredients

For Oily

People with oily skin that have a lot of oil on their skin, but often have a lot of exfoliation, and a lot of facial pull, usually have trouble managing their skin. Here are some cosmetics and tip that you can use if you have this troubled skin. This applies to all types of skin, but is especially important for oily skin. Pungent ingredients such as menthol, mint, eucalyptus, denatured alcohol, and citrus fruits promote oil production. Oily skin should be very careful of products that cover pores or contain rich texture of softening. Absorbs excess oil and makes your skin always fresh. Effective AHA, BHA exfoliants are essential.


1. Avoid irritating ingredients
It applies to all skin types, but it is especially important for oily skin. Irritating ingredients such as menthol, mint, eucalyptus, denatured alcohol, and citrus stimulate oil production. It is good to pay attention to words that mean 'stimulating', such as a feeling of freshness, refreshing, astringent, and cooling. It's not good for your skin!

2. Avoid pore blocking products
Oily skin should be very careful about products that contain pore-clogging or thick-skin softening ingredients! But this is not as easy as it sounds. Because there is no way to know which ingredients block the pores. Information on cosmetic terminology is overflowing on the Internet, but the words "non - komedojenic" and "non - kunichenic" are not based on scientific or medical standards, so there is no basis. You may have used a product written with these phrases. But you may have experienced the problem that the trouble still continues and the pores become clogged. Why is the list of ingredients that block pores so unreliable? The reason is this: Research has been around for a long time to prove that certain ingredients block the pores or exacerbate acne. However, because it has been tested on 100% pure ingredients in rabbits, it can not be precisely judged how a low content of this component, commonly found in skincare products, works on your skin. For example, when 100% content of 'isopropyl palmitate' is used on animal skin, it may cause trouble. However, when it is contained in small amount of 1% in lotion or gel type skin care product, trouble does not occur.

- Use a mild aqueous cleanser for morning and evening.
Cleansing twice a day helps with oily skin. Rinse your face only with water or just wipe it off with toner is not enough to remove dead cells, waste, oil.

-Use non-irritating toners rich in beneficial ingredients
Containing antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and skin-like ingredients, toners not only help regenerate skin, reduce inflammation, reduce pores, but also remove dead cells and make-up residues that block the pores. These ingredients are especially essential for oily skin.

- Moisturizer
'Always use a lightweight product!' Avoid creams or thick skin lotions, but choose a serum, gel or liquid type instead.

3. Effective AHA, BHA exfoliants are essential.
The exfoliants that are released for oily skin are often 'scrubs'. Using scrub on the face can remove oil. The problem is that most scrubs are already quite stimulating in themselves, that they use too much rubbing or use too often. Using scrub in this way can irritate the skin and ultimately make the oily skin problem worse! Do not use scrubs often but use exfoliants that are well formulated with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid active ingredient) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid active ingredient) ingredients.

4. Absorb excess oil
While trying to manage the oily skin perfectly, sometimes it can suffer from the shine due to excess oil. If so, you should try a product that absorbs excess oil.

For Combination Skin

Because the nose, cheeks, and forehead have more oil than other parts of the face, these areas are more greasy and can cause acne more often than other areas. At the same time, areas lacking oil can dry out or exfoliate. The problem arises when you consider complex skin as a single skin type. A number of ingredients suitable for the T-zone area (the area below the nose along the middle of the forehead is the most oil active part of the face) may not help reverse to the chin, eyes, and jaw area. Even on the same face, you need to use different products to cope with different skin types, and in fact, you have to make some difference in order to feel good skin.
- Please check both oily and dry skin.

Sensitive & Troble

There can be various diseases that cause skin problems such as psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles). In addition, It can cause the reaction to food, swelling, redness, itchiness, acne and rash.It is important to find the exact problem. Make sure that the response to the product is allergic or sensitive. Find out if certain products or ingredients are causing the problem and discontinue use. Avoid sauna, steam, perspiration (if possible), and avoid rubbing the affected area.If cosmetics do not help, you should use medical supplies. If you continue to have problems for more than 4 weeks, you should consult your dermatologist.

Is this a kind of skin disease?
If your skin is sensitive or allergic, it may be affected by skin care products or cosmetics used on your face and body. Some people can eliminate skin problems within a day or two by simply noticing the problem and stopping using it. In some cases, even if you stop using the product, the stimulation will not go away for days or months. Here's how you can stop the irritation and calm your skin down.


Avoid problematic ingredients or products
Some causes are easy to find. If you use a new concealer and your skin gets red, itchy, and swollen, the concealer is obviously the problem. But finding the cause isn't always easy. This is because the skin often does not respond quickly. More complex, because this may not be just a single product issue. The most important thing is sincerity and diligence. Experiment with each suspicious product and stop using it if there are any side effects on the skin.

Avoid the following
- Highly irritating scrub (aluminium oxide crystals, walnut shells, abrasive)
- Astringent containing stimulus (alcohol, menthol, etc.)
- Exfoliation gloves
- Cold or hot water
- Steam or ice on the skin
- facial masks containing stimulating ingredients (flavorings, essential oils, polyvinyl alcohol)
- Bath sponge
- Solid soap, solid cleansers

Also, refer to the component dictionary of cosmetics to find out which ingredients are irritating to your skin.

Avoiding Stimulation
When you have allergies or skin irritation, it is advisable not to apply other stimulating ingredients to the problem. flavorings(Fragrance), scrub, washcloth, letin – A (Retin–A), renova, benzoyl peoxide, can cause skin irritation.
Sauna, steam, cold or hot water, sweating (like cooking in front of a gas fire), rubbing the problem area, etc. can all cause irritation. There are substances that are irritating to the skin or that are not good for the skin. These substances can cause problems even if the skin is not sensitive.
- Consistently stimulating the skin on a daily basis is irritating to skin substances such as collagen. Skin should be soft, healthy and resilient.
- Stimulation will cause the skin to lose its ability to heal itself and not look young.
- In the case of oily skin, the use of irritating substances or ingredients can damage cells in the end of the pores creating more fibrous tissue.
- These stimuli may or may not be visible. They can be quietly under the skin. And a few years later, it can be caused by uneven skin tones and large pores.
- These stimulus ingredients make a neutral, healthy skin sensitive with a stimulus reaction.

When to go see a specialist
If the problem persists for four to six weeks, you may want to see a specialist for a diagnosis.

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