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We are an international trading company that sells goods to all over the world.


We sell various Korean cosmetics mainly. Only sell genuine and fresh products.

We provide information on cosmetics as well as features to help you find the product for your skin.


Skin preference type guide

Each product photo comes with a skin type sticker. By checking this sticker, you can choose the product according to your skin type. The data are obtained by scoring the content and number of ingredients suitable for each skin type. For this reason, please just refer to this data, and check the ingredient list yourself for accurate information.


Full Ingredients table

If you are not familiar with cosmetics and would like to study the product more accurately, check this section. You can directly check and compare the ingredients of the product.


Skin type

Our site has provided skin type stickers for easy checking.


We are dealing with a lot of customers, maintaining a high performance rating in many online markets.